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We were built from Energy and Power business after 20 years operation we are still in this business line but more deep improvement in R&D as well as services. We found up specific firms to run the particular business mission such as Oil & Gas under Regal Dominion Associates Ltd. Registered in BVI and Hong Kong, Commodities under Amaritas Resources Inc. registered in Seychelles, special Petrochemical under CNM Partners Ltd registered in Hong Kong, Energy and Backup power under Nhon Corporation registered in Vietnam and Engineering & Industrial service under Nhon Huu Industrial Maintenance Service Co. Ltd.

projectCNM is a boutique investment management and corporate advisory firm established in Hong Kong named CNM Partners Ltd. and Vietnam named CNM International Ltd. We strive to optimize the performance of our principal investments by taking a hands-on approach through a rigorous pre-investment due-diligence process and a collaborative post-investment monitoring process. Our principal investments are made on behalf of our firm’s proprietary book as well as select third-party clients. Our corporate advisory services are offered to select entities, where there is an opportunity for us to enhance the shareholder value. Our unique and disciplined investment strategy and hands-on portfolio management approach ensure measurable, lasting results, which generate significant, long-term shareholder value.

At CNM , we believe in intrinsic asset fundamentals and do not subscribe to a slavish devotion to market trends or en-vogue investing. Conversely, we source out proprietary deals, which often are in “non-fashionable” sectors but hold the greatest prospects for value creation. The professionals of CNM are constantly deep into the markets of a broad category of global sectors. This allows the team to analyze and ascertain which regions and industries – across a global spectrum – will benefit the investor base the greatest. The team, with its deep experience, is then able to negotiate, structure, and grow the investments in-line with the investors’ expectations.

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