NHON HUU is a dynamic and versatile company, bringing to the market a competitive and reliable source of power generation equipment through partnership with reputable manufacturers worldwide. Reliability, safety, economy and durability are just some of the benefits that NHON HUU can offer for our products.

NHON HUU is capable of supplying High Speed Generating Sets from 1.5 kVA to 2.500 kVA and Low Speed Generating Set up to 3 MW in a single set. The range of less than 150 kVA is particularly suitable for establishments such as domestic properties, small businesses, retail units, police and fire stations, farms, telecommunication base stations and petrol stations. Higher range is suitable for factories for continuous running or for standby usage whereby Power Grid is scarce or unstable. Low speed Generating sets are used mainly as Power Station for continuous rating.

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We provide you: Principal Investments, Corporate Finance Advisory, Corporate Accounting Services, VIETNAM Tax Services & Strategies


Industrial Maintenance

Nhon Corporation provides maintenance services industry since 2009. Our goal is to build customer relationships long term, integrating all the services to help customers optimize the reliability and high eŠciency equipment and systems



We provide to customer a turnkey service for any demand of energy saving or a backup power station from design, procure-ment, installation, commissioning and training.

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