About Us

NHON HUU is a dynamic and versatile company, bringing to the market a competitive and reliable source of power generation equipment through partnership with reputable manufacturers worldwide. Reliability, safety, economy and durability are just some of the benefits that NHON HUU can offer for our products.

about-3NHON HUU is capable of supplying High Speed Generating Sets from 1.5 kVA to 2.500 kVA and Low Speed Generating Set up to 3 MW in a single set. The range of less than 150 kVA is particularly suitable for establishments such as domestic properties, small businesses, retail units, police and fire stations, farms, telecommunication base stations and petrol stations. Higher range is suitable for factories for continuous running or for standby usage whereby Power Grid is scarce or unstable. Low speed Generating sets are used mainly as Power Station for continuous rating.

As an extension, NHON HUU will move into the field of power stations, another area in which we have considerable experience. Through various channels in many countries, we have developed useful contacts with relevant anthorities at the appropriate levels to facilitate the construction of such power stations in locations which need them. NHON HUU has the capability to assist customers in procuring and building diesel power stations, including design, layout, supply of equipment, installation and project financing. Such projects are expected to be in demand in the developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region to meet increasing requirements for power.

Besides diesel power stations, we also have the resourses and know-how to participate in the development of power stations with coal-fired steam turbines. Our specialists have extensive experience in such projects in many parts of China and are ever-ready to export their expertise to other countries. With the current scenario in the international oil markets, it is envisaged that coal-fired steam turbines will play a more important role in the production of energy to meet world demand.

In addition, NHON HUU will also provide the supply of spare parts and other after-sales service for power-equipment and power stations. With this as part of its overall business strategy, NHON HUU will truly become a comprehensive provider of energy and power requirements in the Asia-Pacific region.

We look forward to working with you as a partner in the field of energy generation and power engineering.


Becoming a leading company in providing Technology solutions – Technical – Industrial Services in Vietnam

  • Human is the foundation of enterprise development.
  • Provide products and services with the motto: “On Line – On Time – On Demand – On Service”.
  • Research and pursue scientific and technical progress.
  • Partnerships with prestigious partner in the world, providing high-quality products.
  • Protect and maintain the green environment.
Core value
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1995Dinh Son Company was established – specializing in real estate investment and technology transfer broker.1997Established Nhon Huu Construction – Trading – Services  Ltd.specializing in real estate, technology transfer consulting, providing backup power solutions.1999Representative Office was established in Hanoi in charge of exploiting power backup market in the North. success in consulting and project management for Bim Son Cement with the Japanese Contractor IHI.2000Transition into Nhon Corporation, specializing in power backup and projects consulting and management on electricity.2002Representative Office was established in Da Nang with the task of exploiting power backup market in Central Region. Success in consulting and project management for Na Duong Thermal Power Plant with the contractor Sumitomo Heavy Industry.2003Developed 2 main point projects of the company: to be the a jont venture to produce computer software with Hitachi Software and Biotechnology projects.2005Representative Office was established in Can Tho with the task of exploiting electric accessories and power backup market in Western.2006Success in construction projects, providing Power Station Plant for Honda Vietnam.2009Focus on converting business type to industrial services sector parallel to continue to provide products for power backup. Winning the project provides maintenance service to more than 150 generators of Vietnamobile telecommunications station.2010Representative Office was established in Phu Quoc in charge of exploiting power backup market. Nhon Industry Maintainance Service Co. Ltd was formed. 2011Focus on constructing Representative Office system and collaborator system with the motto: On Line – On Time – On Demand – On Service.2015Business reengineering, devide into specialized companies for each particular business.


One of the key success factors of our Nhon Corporation is the dedication of our team. Especially, Nhon Corporation under the leading of the Chairman of the Board – General Director – Dr. Nguyen Thanh Nhon has gradually built a reputable brand in the market of Vietnam.



Nhon Corporation has a high qualification team, highly professional and extremely dedicated with the job. Engineer team dedicated to research in order to making high-tech technology products and services. The satisfaction of the customers is the goal for us to keep learning and striving.