Power system supplied power source to serve the lighting needs as well as using other devices that customers need to use. So, the equipments in the Power system utility should be always make sure works well when it is used. Therefore, the prevent maintenance to prevent and warning is necessary for the operation of it.

Facility Management Service providers will perform the inspection, testing, implementing, preventive maintenance, checking generally status, troubleshooting, problem analysis and repair equipments.
Service providers will take measures to prevent the list of engines, equipments that customers demand.

Objective Maintenance:

  • Maintenance and inspection accurately assess the status of the systems
  • There are exellent measures for the proposal and recommends to customers to reduce incidents of emergency.
  • Ensure sysstems and equipment work properly and safely, given the results maintenance report and repair accurately the true status of the equipment in the field.

Responsibilities of Service Providers:

  • Strictly comply with required items
  • Service received a call 24/7
  • Supplier is responsible for consultancy and advice to customers
  • Provide spare parts and meeting the customer’s requests with the needs of replacement

Responsibilities of Customers:

  • Ensure that suppliers come into easily
  • Provide detailed specifications of equipment
  • Errors arise with service providers in the limits allowed
  • To ensure properly payment according to plan